What is JoinMyParty?

JoinMyParty is a Party Planning and Marketplace platform, built by party experts for party experts. JoinMyParty facilitates party planning and connects hosts with party service experts. From guest list management to custom invitations, to requesting quotes from photographers, face painters and other professionals in your area.

What are the benefits of having a Public Page on JoinMyParty?

Having a JoinMyParty Expert profile or Public Page, increases business exposure and helps with ranking on Google for search terms relative to services that the expert provides.

How will potential clients find me?

Once hosts and party planners create their profiles on our planner’s site (www.joinmyparty.co) they will be able to search for vendors near them, by zip code, city and by category.

How can I get and reply to a quote request?

On your Public Profile there will be a button called ‘Request a Quote’ where Party hosts can add party details and a message along with it, and this message will be sent to your email.

How do I contact customer support?

Feel free to message us on the Facebook messenger Plugin we have on the website or email us at info@joinmyparty.co. or just click Contact Us.

How do I create Public Profile on JoinMyParty?

You will need to SIGN UP to create a Public Profile on our platform. It usually takes less than 3 minutes.

What if my service or category is not listed on the site?

You can select the ‘Other’ option and you can manually type in the service and products you provide. You can also Contact Us for additional assistance or with any questions.

How much will this cost?

There is no cost to create an expert profile with JoinMyParty at the moment. Any future fees for using the platform (if any) will be announced with enough time and will make business sense to all.

How do I update my email address and password?

After logging in as an expert, simply select the ‘Settings’ tab and here you’ll be able to modify your email address and a password. Please note that you will need to confirm your new email address. You can also Contact Us in case of the issue or send us a message via our Facebook Chat Plugin on the website.

How can I change my Business name and Address?

After logging in as an expert, simply select the ‘Manage Page’ tab and here you’ll be able to modify your business name and address, and other aspects of your profile.

How can I upload pictures for my Business?

Once you’re logged in and inside the JoinMyParty dashboard, go to the ‘Gallery’ tab. Here you’ll be able to upload up to 10 photos.

I’m having issues uploading my photos. What do I do?

We’re ironing out some bugs since this is still a beta-version. So you might encounter a few glitches, especially if you’re signing up from the Facebook or Instagram browser on mobile. What we suggest you doing is copy and paste the link (experts.joinmyparty.co) in a separate browser like Google Chrome or Safari.

How do I remove my Public Page from JoinMyParty?

Contact us via messenger or email in the case you’d like to disable your profile or have it removed.

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